National 24 Hour Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000 247
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How We Can Help

Women's Refuge

The Refuge is a safe and secure temporary accomodation for single women and women with children (males up to the age of 16) who need to escape from a domestic abuse situation. We will provide you with advice and information regarding emotional, financial, legal, housing and other issues so you can begin to rebuild your life. Our refuge has a large play room and outside play facilities for children.

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse (and families)

We understand that male victims face many barriers when seeking support for domestic abuse. In some cases, you may not even realise that you are experiencing abuse and it’s your friends and families that reach out for support.

If you are a male victim of domestic abuse, you are not alone, we are here to help. No matter what your background, age, job, race or sexuality, we are here to give all the support we can.

One is six men will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime:

You are not to blame
You are not weak
You are not alone

For many men, contacting us is the first step they have made in talking to someone else about the problems they face. Whether it is information you need or just someone to listen to you, please get in touch.

Our Men’s worker is able to work with men around practical solutions to problems they may face as a result of domestic violence including how to report incidents, safety planning, police procedures and other support services. 

We can also help with pychological support to boost emotional resilience, general support information and advocacy. 

SWA do have safe accommodation for men and support to access this is part of our role and also to offer support when you are in the accommodation.

Call us  - if we are unable to respond at the time of your callyou can leave a message giving us a safe number to call back and the best time to call you. 


You can also email us at:  We do not reply to emails for personal safety reasons, due to the risk that any reply may be intercepted by the perpetrator so leaving us a safe contact number is the best option with the best time to contact you,.

We are committed to ensure that no victim of abuse should be left to suffer alone. Together we can keep men, women, and children safe from abuse. 

Click here to download our Male Domestic Abuse Awareness Pack. 

Trauma Informed Service 

SWA is committed to a trauma-informed practice. We understand the impact of physical and psychological trauma and we offer a Trauma Informed servicve to offer additonal support to our service users. 

This service supports victims with multiple history of trauma as an adult or a child, mental health needs and substance misuse issues that might present. Safety, both physcial and psychological is core to this process and must be informed by an understanding that many trauma survivors struggle to feel safe.

Case Workers

Our Case Workers offer non-judgmental practical and emotional support to women and men who live in the Stockport area who are experiencing or have previously experienced domestic violence and abuse. This support can be offered face to face or over the telephone. We will tailor our support to meet your individual needs. Please don't suffer in silence, we are here to help.

Children and Young People Prevention Worker

The CYP Prevention Worker provides group sessions and workshops in schools and colleges to educate children and young people about domestic abuse. We aim to educate and promote positive and safe relationships. The prevention work offer is provided in three parts:

Me2 Groups and Workshops

The free Me2 Workshops are 2 x 1 hour sessions or 1 x 2 hour session with a short break for children in KS2. The workshops do not specifically mention domestic abuse and will explore different families, good feelings and not so good feelings, how to deal with anger safely, how to recognize feeling unsafe and who can help when children are feeling worried or have a problem.
The free Me2 Groups are 8 sessions spread over 8 weeks for children in KS1 and KS2 (30 minute sessions for KS1, 45 minute sessions for KS2), who have experienced any form of domestic abuse. Me2 will provide children with a safe space to explore their feelings and build resilience through creative activities, games and stories. The sessions will explore what domestic abuse is, how it can make children feel, who to talk to if they are worried, how to stay safe and promote healthy relationships.
For more information about Me2, click here. If you are interested in Me2 for your school, please contact for further details and referral forms, referencing 'Me2' in the email subject. 


In partnership with Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council Sex and Relationship Education team, Stockport Without Abuse offers the free Reach programme to year 8 and year 9 pupils. The Reach programme aims to support young people to understand positive relationships and safer sex. The sessions will explore healthy relationships, sexual health, consent and online relationships. 
For more information about Reach, please contact, referencing 'Reach programme' in the email subject.

Safe Space Virtual Workshops

Safe Space is a free programme developed for Stockport College as part of the Stockport College Community Partnership. The workshops explore healthy relationships, power and control, consent and boundaries, gender roles in relationships, building resilience and where to access support and advice.
Safe Space is currently being developed into virtual workshops, if you would like to register interest in virtual workshops for your college, please contact, referencing 'Safe Space Virtual Workshops' in the email subject.

Independant Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)

Our key focus is to increase the safety of high risk victims of domestic violence and abuse who have been referred through the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) process. We work in a multi agency setting to prioritise the safety of high risk victims and their families. We offer a holistic approach and liaise with a range of services and professionals including Health and Educucation to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Young Person Safe Choice Domestic Violence Advisor (YPVA)

The YPVA provides confidential, trauma-informed one to one support for young people aged between 13 to 18 years directly experiencing domestic violence and abuse. The YPVA also offers group work programmes in the community around healthy relationships, risk awareness, consent, gender roles and related subjects. By supporting young people, we can help end the cycle of abuse. 

Older Person's Domestic Abuse Service 

Stockport without Abuse has launched a new service called STAND TALL (Tackling Abuse in Later Life). This service is aimed at providing long term, tailored, practical and emotional support to victims of domestic abuse aged 55+, to increase both physical and psychological safety, to facilitate recovery from abuse and to act as an advocate when necessary.

This service seeks to unearth and support older victims of domestic abuse who have become a “hidden group” within our society, by confronting specific barriers older victims of domestic abuse face. A significant way, in which this service seeks to challenge barriers, is by working closely alongside other professionals and organisations to offer training that centres on creating awareness of the indicators of abuse and risk factors. This training seeks to improve screening amongst non-DVA professionals, to increase referrals and to ultimately reduce the invisibility of older victims.

This service seeks to support victims who are either currently experiencing domestic abuse or who have experienced domestic abuse in the past and require support for its impact. Victims engaging with this service must live in Stockport, have a Stockport GP, or have access to Adult Social Care in Stockport.

If you are aged 55+, and are experiencing domestic abuse, or want to access support on behalf of someone who would like to seek support, please contact our older person’s domestic abuse practitioner via email:, referencing 'STAND TALL' in the email subject, or call our office on: 0161 477 4294 for further information. Our older person’s domestic abuse practitioner will be able to offer further advice and information in relation to the referral process and can signpost you to external services relevant to your support your needs.

If you would like to access training for your organisation, or obtain further information please contact:, referencing 'STAND TALL' in the email subject.

Please note this service is not for individuals who are at imminent risk of domestic abuse.

If you are looking for Refuge accommodation you can telephone our main office on: 0161 477 4294

Lines are staffed:

  • Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm
  • Friday 9am to 4:30pm
  • There is an answerphone outside of these hours or when we are dealing with other calls.

If we are unable to answer your call, or you need support outside of these hours, you should contact the National Domestic Abuse helpline on: 0808 2000 247. You can also email us at